Though it was so tasty and exciting ingesting all this stuff, this sort of sugar-fucked high seems to take a toll. It is such a beating down on all my senses, but I don't care to stop. What if I just live within this 11ed-out saturated mess. Become a total slave to my own glut. Maybe it would level out and make more sense to my kids, cause they'll be consuming x10 more. Day-glo attitude, then write in my journal. It can't comprehend it. I can barely fucking see through this! But I crave it. The jarring seller against my favorite pretty people. My salivating mouth slurping on a light-stick. It is like stabbing my damn eye out. When you feel, you might reject it, then continue the cycle of reject/guiltrip/repent/redo. I don't want to feel indifference though. Why I don't I just let it get alllll overrrrr me!!

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