Echoes Gallery house
biice's SCHOLAR gunk artwork
Echoes was an experiment I conducted in an attempt to create a gallery out of a vacant house within a month. It took place in the country club of Brownsville, Texas during the month of January 2014. Featuring local artists, enthusiasts, and people who simply found the project interesting, we managed to throw a party and show off our work the following month. It was a lot of stress, a bit illegal, but ultimately fun and worthwhile. This page shows the vibe of the project, but for a better glimpse of the work click here:

Echoes house gallery

Echoes' visitors

Work by (left to right): Lourdes Arguetta (sculpture & wall painting), Zane Arredondo, Vicky Ace

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Superfree logo
gallery upstairs
SCHOLAR and a motherfuckin party
bastard88 DJ'ing

Work above by me (SCHOLAR)

bastard88 DJ'ing


Work by (left to right): Karina Astrid Garcia, Aleya Barrera

Echoes mission statement